• Yoga For Kids

    Conditioning the Body ,Mind & Soul

  • Yoga For Kids

    Conditioning the Body ,Mind & Soul

  • Yoga For Kids

    Conditioning the Body ,Mind & Soul

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What my clients say


" Jaya Dharamdasami has been a yoga instructor in the school since 2007. She is a certified children's yoga instructor trained with world renowned yoga trainer Jehangir Palkiwala. With her caring and innovative techniques, she has infused in the children a love for yoga. A hands-on and proactive person, Jaya has been an asset to this institution. "

- Mrs K.S.Jamali -Principal-Beacon High School -

"This is to confirm that Ms Jaya Dharamdasani has been working as a yoga instructor in my nursey school since 2007. As a person jaya is responsible and competent and works with integrity, intelligence and energy. As a teacher, she has a pleasant, warm , friendly and attentive manner and is thus able to arouse the interest of her pupils, whilst maintaining class control.
Indeed jaya makes the babies feel at ease, has an inner spiritual energy, is versatile in her methodology, is warm and gentle, mixes words with movement and in her dulcet voice and "taking deep breaths" is able to bring about that perfect union of body and mind!
She certainly has the pivotal qualifications required by for teaching the yoga discipline and I would like to wish her every successin the years to follow."

-Poonam Mirchandani- -Principal-Little bo peep-

"Yoga is for the development of mind, body and soul..In this class, the children enjoy child friendly activities while they learn yoga .There is cold cooking , environment awareness, pupet show and knowledge about various festivals round the year..I am really happy about the exposure and self help that my child gets through these classes."

-By parent of a 4 year old child

I must say it was the far most best decision I took to do the course under Ms.Jaya. She is an absolute delight to learn and get trained under. Her methodology, ideas, creativity and love for yoga clearly shows the way she teaches. Her curriculum is so well planned and taught, it covers all the important aspects of how to teach yoga to children and how to incorporate innovative ideas keeping in mind the level of every child. The interesting part is Ms. Jaya involves brain gym along with yoga which brings out the best in a child’s development. Thank you Ms Jaya for such a wonderful learning experience and something I will follow life long

-Disha Saini

Yoga For Kids

Course Content

1 Yoga songs, rhymes and music-

We at Yogaforkids blend our own sounds with some recorded music, sing rhymes and also play our own instruments. We believe the right music allows the child to truly immerse himself in Yoga and understand concepts better.

2 Creative games-

These days kids sit by themselves behind a computer, television or have some gadget to play with thus reducing interaction with others to minimal. The games designed by Yogaforkids teaches children to attune to the movements and energies of others without competing thereby helping them learn skills of communication, sharing and co-operation.

3 Dramatization and role play-

Yogaforkids helps each child express their talent, skills and raise their self esteem as well as build their confidence. Through dramatization and role play kids express their emotions better. For example a child would like to express courage and strength through the warrior pose.

4 Phonetics with poses-

Poses which begin with a specific sound are enacted and little kids can relate to that particular letter in a better way with the aid of poses. For example C for cat and cow.

5 Environmental awareness-

Everyone is a part of nature and nature is a part of us. Getting in touch with the natural world helps to harmonize the soul and cultivate respect for our environment. We aim at creating awareness about preserving the earth and caring for mother nature. Along with that doing yoga outdoors increases oxygen supply in the body and brain.

6 Picture talk with aids-

This method helps kids to relate poses in context with the pictures. Kids who dislike reading books would specially benefit from this activity. When the child reads a story he or she can play all the characters in the story and hence the entire process is more dynamic and playful.

7 Positive affirmations-

An affirmation is a positive statement about oneself. We add affirmations to poses in order to connect verbal and physical expressions of our feelings. For example if a timid child repeats “ I am brave and strong like a lion “. This affirmation will work on his subconscious mind and make him feel strong.

8 Theme based lessons-

Yogaforkids believes in the multiple intelligence theory which states that all kids are intelligent but the way they learn is different from each other. We take up themes which are in sync with the ongoing school curriculum, this helps kids to comprehend, learn and retain the topic better.

9 Brain gym-

The brain gym program designed by Dr Paul Dennison helps to integrate the body and mind. These simple physical exercises help in improving memory, concentration , focus and co-ordination between the left and right brain. Kids with mild learning disabilities, ADHD, ADD and dyslexia can benefit since we integrate these exercises along with traditional yoga.

10 Health café-

What you eat is an essential part of who you are, At Yogaforkids we introduce healthy food and healthy eating habits. When kids understand the concepts of Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic food and the effect of it on our bodies , they learn to choose the correct type of food.

11 Health and hygiene -

Educating children on good hygiene is the best way to avoid the spread of infection and diseases. Teaching the principles of cleanliness at an early age can help keep individuals healthy throughout their life. The principles of hygiene are taught through puppets and stories.

12 Character building-

Children today are exposed to a variety of harmful and violent material whether it is via the television or internet or any other portal. Parents cannot possibly control everything the child gets access to. Hence we believe in inculcating not just a healthy lifestyle but also a strong moral foundation. Character building and moral values form an integral part of our program that bolsters the true objective of Yogaforkids.

Teacher Training Levels

Aim: Help participants to discover a new career path in conditioning the body, mind and soul of every child

Objective: Nurture the qualities of self discovery, inquisitiveness, concentration, and help kids to overcome emotional, social and physical challenges or conflicts with the Yogaforkids program.

Prerequisites: Educators, Doctors and Parents can join our Teacher training course. The only pre-requisite is the participants must have inherent love for kids and have passion for yoga.

Levels available:
Basic level- This caters to 3 to 6 year olds. Using music and props in our unique way Yogaforkids fosters love and passion for Yoga.

Level 1- Also known as the Primary year program (PYP). Here age group of 5 to 10 year olds participate and imbibe the traditional forms of Yoga. The process is facilitated by games, Braingym movements, art and fun activities.

Level 2- The Secondary year program (SYP). Designed for 10 to 16 year olds. This phase is inevitably the most challenging phase of life for the tweens and parents. Keeping in pace with the hormonal fluxes and physical changes, Yogaforkids has incorporated exercises that help teens achieve tranquility and peace.

Certification for kids is done as per completion of curriculum. Certification provided for every level age appropriately

These are a few teachers trained with Jaya Dharamdasani at YOGAFORKIDS

1) Urmila Sanghvi 9819317959 -Little Yogis Andheri west, Lokhandwala complex,Mumbai 53.

2) Meha Ranka 9619698666 - Child Yogis SVRoad Malad west, Mumbai64.

3) Dhara Gudkha 8433958866 - Kids Station The Learning curve school, Worli Mumbai 30.

4) Sneha Desai 9167225611 - Shishu Yoga Malabar hill Mumbai 6.

5) Disha Saini 9819433035 - YOBRAIN Khar West.

6) Poleen Sahni 9833674121 - Khar West.

The above mentioned teachers have completed the basic level course with YogaforKids , the certificate issued ,equips them to teach healthy kids of age group 2.5 to 6 years olds only

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21 MAR 15


Yoga for kids presents its first ever free live session at Equal Streets!.
We invite you and your friends to come join us while we greet the sun (Suryanamaskar) this sunday morning 22 march 15 followed by an array of fun filled activities.

Venue: outside HDFC Bank Santacruz West.
Time : 7.30 to 8.30 Am

25 MAR 15

Summer Camp

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25 Mar 15


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03 Oct 15

YogaForKids Now At Andheri

04 Oct 15

Yoga Art Event.

19 Nov 15


If you are a passionate teacher or a parent and you want to impact little minds. If you aspire to help kids grow physically emotionally and intellectually, why not try a unique style of teaching and parenting? Discover a new career path with Yogaforkids. The tender years of childhood present an intense and critical period of physical, mental, social and emotional growth. It is essential that we take advantage of this period of evolution and mould our young generation into intelligent, healthy and happy human beings. YogaforKids will provide you with advanced pedagogy tools and skills.
For more information regarding our teacher training program you can log onto our website www.yogaforkids.co.in or Contact Jaya Dharamdasani 9820332371

Training workshop details: Basic Level Teacher Training
Date: 24th to 29th December 2015
Venue: Juhu
Time: 10.30AM to 1 PM

For More Details on schedule and other information.Download our BrochureDownload

18 Mar 17


Teacher Training Basic Level for Pre-Primary kids.
Dates 3rd 4th 5th May ( 20 hour Program)
Venue Mumbai (To be announced)
For further enquiries please contact Jaya +91-9820332371
For all Queries write to jayadharamdasani@hotmail.com
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05 Mar 18


Teacher Training Basic Level for Pre-Primary kids.
Dates - 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th April 2018
Venue : -18 A road, Khar West. Baby360 degrees. Cottage number 17B Sonali Shivlani
For further enquiries please contact Jaya +91-9820332371
For all Queries write to jayadharamdasani@hotmail.com
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401 Parimal Society, 17th Road,
Khar West Mumbai-400052.